We are the Romanchuk’s - Brad, Lisa, Finn & Zoe - and we started our crazy farming journey in 2012 on a quest to put healthier food on the table for our family. As we began educating ourselves on commercial food production methods and labelling, we became more and more perplexed. We found that labels such as cage free, organic and free-range were often confusing and usually very misleading. We learned that often times, chickens and eggs sold under those labels had never even ventured outside their large commercial chicken houses or ever been able to spend time basking in the sun, as the label would have you believe. After much research, we decided to take the leap and started raising pastured poultry, eggs, beef and pork for our family.



It is our desire to have a sustainable and regenerative farm where we can raise premium quality meat products for our community. Our multi-species animals - cattle, poultry and pork - all work together on the farm to fertilize, control unwanted pests, minimize parasites and turn the soil, in an effort to eliminate the need to apply artificial chemicals and to help build up the organic microbial content of the soil, which improves the health of our pastures, which improves the quality of the forage for our animals.


It is also very important to us that our animals are ethically raised and cared for every step of the way. We allow them to live in their natural environment on pastures, outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and are rotated between pastures often to ensure a clean and healthy environment for them to thrive. Every product we sell at Perfectly Pastured has been raised and cared for by our family, at our farm. We don’t use partner farms or simply broker products from other farms. When you buy from us, you know your food was raised by us, period.