Pastured Pork


As it is our desire to regenerate our land here on the farm, we carefully chose a smaller breed heritage pig for its superior quality and their natural ability to graze for forage and gently root in our pastures without permanently damaging the land. With a shorter, upturned snout, our Kunekune's help eat down the grass after the mobile chicken coops are moved each day. Because they are natural grazers, our pigs will get most of their nutrients from the native pasture, and are supplemented with an all-natural, non-soy, non-GMO feed from a local feed supplier.


A slower growing breed, sometimes taking over a year to reach market weight, Kunekune’s are known to produce a full-flavored, marbled red pork, almost like a fine steak. Our pigs are humanely rasied, rotated on our pastures where they are free to graze the land, scavenge for acorns or just soak up the fresh air and sunlight!


We currently offer our pastured pork by the whole or half pig.

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