Pastured Chicken - Thighs

We raise our pastured chicken outside on grass pastures, like they were meant to live - scratching the ground, eating bugs, and foraging for other goodies. They are moved daily to fresh pasture, ensuring quality forage and bugs to eat and a clean environment for them to thrive. They enjoy fresh air and sunlight, and are supplemented with an all-natural, certified organic and certified non-GMO feed from a local feed supplier. They have never been given antibiotics, hormones or vaccines. 

Pastured Chicken - Thighs

  • Our pastured chicken thighs include 6 thighs, and packages come in three different sizes as follows:

    • Small (2.20 - 2.49 lbs)
    • Medium (2.50 - 2.69 lbs)
    • Large (2.70 - 2.90 lbs)

    The price above is an estimate of an average packag based upon actual weight at $7.50/lb.

  • We currently offer FREE local delivery within the Greater Houston area, FREE preorder/pickup at a local farmer's market, FREE on-farm pickup in Montgomery, TX, and also offer $25 flat-rate shipping within the state of Texas. Please contact us if you have any questions or to arrange a pickup location.