Pastured Pork - 1/2 Pork

As it is our desire to regenerate our land here on the farm, we carefully chose a smaller breed heritage pig for its superior quality and their natural ability to graze for forage and gently root in our pastures without permanently damaging the land. With a shorter, upturned snout, our Kunekune’s help eat down the grass after the mobile chicken coops are moved each day, generally cleaning up any of the feed that has spilled out of the feeders in the coops. Since the Kunekune’s receive the majority of their diet from our pasture, the small amount of grain that they do eat is an all-natural, non-soy, non-GMO feed sourced from a local mill.

A slower growing breed, sometimes taking over a year to reach market weight, Kunekune’s are known to produce a full-flavored, marbled red pork, almost like a fine steak. Our pigs are humanely raised, rotated on our pastures where they are free to graze the land, scavenge for acorns or just soak up the fresh air and sunlight!


Pastured Pork - 1/2 Pork

  • Our half pork yields approximately 50 lbs of vacuum-sealed packaged finished cuts of pork. Our pasture-raised Kunekune pork is processed at a local USDA-inspected facility - one pig at a time to ensure the pork you are purchasing is single-animal sourced.


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