Ready-to-Lay Pullets

We raise Rhode Island Red heritage breed laying hens, which are considered a dual-purpose bird - a heavier bodied laying hen that are an excellent choice for production of large brown eggs. These birds are hardy and will thrive in a free-range operation. Our ready-to-lay pullets are between 15 and 22 weeks old, and are raised on a certified organic and certified non-GMO feed their entire time on our farm. Our pullets have not been debeaked, and have never been given antibiotics or vaccines. Once the chicks are able to withstand the elements, at about six weeks of age, they are transitioned from their brooders out to pasture, where they will have access to a mobile coop for roosting at night and safety from predators. Contact us via email at or text to (832) 506-9599 to order your ready-to-lay pullets and arrange for on-farm pickup.